Marketing is becoming ever more prevalent with brands now attempting to influence us in all walks of life with the newest, most penetrating and ideally “original” methods possible. Sometimes this barrage can escalate itself into a bit of sensory overload, we need a little brain digestion session. This blog serves as just that, a chance to separate the wheat from the chaff and highlight was has really been grabbing my attention.

“What about you?” I hear you ask… well there’s the the usual stats and  hobbies; 2 legs, 8 fingers, rugby, music, spending more money than I have and, of course, world peace. I play the drums and most of the time the sticks are in my hands I’m aspiring to be this guy – Fabrizo Moretti – the drummer for the New York indie band The Strokes! With a Brazilian Mum, Italian Dad and a repertoire of instruments mastered longer than my arm, this guy is one cool cat.

…However with an undefined number of years of practice ahead of me and the distinct lack of any leather jackets in my wardrobe, more often than not you’ll find me making myself looking rather “simple” and being an all round sucker for subliminal messaging. But hey, that’s cool too yeah?!



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