Kopparberg ‘un-established since 1882’

Hard to remember while it’s currently Arctic conditions outside but we do have a summer here in the UK and Kopparberg cider is now positioned perfectly in the market to accompany flip flops and sunburn for when the sun finally decides to grace us with it’s presence.

The brand believes in following our passions and having the creativity and courage to break out from the stereo types which has led to Kopparberg sitting hand-in-hand with the festival scene and alternative lifestyles of the “ün-established”.

Last May RKCR/Y&R launched this campaign which partly consisted of this advert, directed by Owen Harris (recently directed BAFTA award winning TV series Misfits), It demonstrates this disregard for the norm, that Kopparberg loves to promote, perfectly.

This was a multi-platform campaign also consisting of the Kopparberg festival app which brought together the powers of Last.fm and Spotify to enable the followers of Kopparberg on Facebook to create specific playlists of the musical acts that were playing at all the 2012 UK festivals.

With the whole campaign being backed up with a strong presence at the majority of all UK festivals sales rose by 65% – who can argue with that!?


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