Hyundais Pipe Job

As we speak Hyundai are sat in a dark room curling their toes over in cringe drenched regret as their recent advert for their new hydrogen fueled car has virally exploded for the wrong reasons. It has all the makings of a staff training scenario entitled “How to create a PR disaster really really quickly”. A man is depicted attempting to kill himself by inhaling his car fumes but with the only thing coming out the exhaust being 100% water vapour he is soon seen at the end of the advert opening the garage door to allow the steam out.

It is undeniable that this ad has been received with a very negative response, however, by our own human nature gazillions of intrigued individuals have watched the advert and are discussing it’s peculiar approach, It was even listed as “ad of the day” on the drum marketing website for a short time!

Whatever your opinions on this advert it is questionable that had they not have caused such a huge negative response, would they have managed to evoke a fraction of the talk-ability and exposure this viral ad has given them? Is this a case of “any press is good press”?

Next time I’m on the market for a environmentally friendly car you can guarantee that the Hyundai will be the first car I think of, so in that respect can this advert be seen as a success?


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