End Marmite Neglect

Personally I love it!


Philpis LED tourchlights

Philpis LED tourchlights

Clever little add showing the power of the new LED torches from Philips. Their product here is light so where better to capture that than during the day. Any body know the equivalent number of candles you need to match the sun? Nah, me neither!

Shoes Keep It Clean, Sneakers Get Dirty

Shoes Keep It Clean, Sneakers Get Dirty

Converse have long been seen as the rock stars staple choice for footwear, an image Converse have embraced over the years with many of their recent campaigns giving a big jab in the ribs to the “clean shoe” and encouraging us to adopt this rough and ready icon that can be found at the bottom of many a mosh pit.

The “Get Dirty” movement is bring together the bands that are stripping music back to its roots, and the people that are happy to throw themselves in head first and emerge on the other side with a few grazes, ringing in the ears and an absolute certainty they would do it all again if they could.

To encapsulate this ethos Converse have a series of free gigs crashing around Europe which is due to land in London’s “The 100 Club” on the 17th April for 3 nights with headline acts including The Cribs, Ghostface Killah, and Gallows which are sure to stir up the “dirty” shoed crowd into a frenzy.

To be in for a chance to get your hands on some free tickets just register with converse…that’s marketing 101 folks.

Southern Comfort – Whatever’s comfortable

Weiden + Kennedy broke from tradition and the usual approach you would expect for a spirit drinks campaign. Unlike many, where visually blessed models sip on perfectly constructed cocktails in some cooler than life, action packed party, here, we are greeted with an impressively sized gut strutting down the beach like a don. Only a set of skimpy trunks and dress shoes are exhibited to leave little to the imagination – a perfect personification of the tag line “whatever’s comfortable”.

Oxo – The Magic Cube

I don’t know about you but I love the taste of well seasoned ballet shoes mixed up with some skipping rope handles, buttons and plenty of crushed wool… Well, maybe after the magic Oxo cube has transformed the contents of “that random top draw” we all have into a taste sensation!

Oxo’s latest collaboration with animator PES is the first piece of work released by JWT since they won the account last year. it’s comparable to the Lurpak campaign in a sense that both have managed to find an alternative and creative approach to advertising a food product. There are so many generic and monotonous “badverts” out there which appear to have had little or no creative thought thrown at it that it’s always refreshing to see an advert that can break from the all to common mould.

Kopparberg ‘un-established since 1882’

Hard to remember while it’s currently Arctic conditions outside but we do have a summer here in the UK and Kopparberg cider is now positioned perfectly in the market to accompany flip flops and sunburn for when the sun finally decides to grace us with it’s presence.

The brand believes in following our passions and having the creativity and courage to break out from the stereo types which has led to Kopparberg sitting hand-in-hand with the festival scene and alternative lifestyles of the “ün-established”.

Last May RKCR/Y&R launched this campaign which partly consisted of this advert, directed by Owen Harris (recently directed BAFTA award winning TV series Misfits), It demonstrates this disregard for the norm, that Kopparberg loves to promote, perfectly.

This was a multi-platform campaign also consisting of the Kopparberg festival app which brought together the powers of Last.fm and Spotify to enable the followers of Kopparberg on Facebook to create specific playlists of the musical acts that were playing at all the 2012 UK festivals.

With the whole campaign being backed up with a strong presence at the majority of all UK festivals sales rose by 65% – who can argue with that!?

The Guardian and Observer Weekend

Hugh Grant fronts this advert in the wake of the Leveson enquiry about the integrity of journalistic practices within the Guardian and Observer, sounds serious…

…thankfully the advert takes a severe turn (for the better) comically portraying a world where we’ve all been seemingly brain washed into only knowing the weekend as the “Guardian and Observer Weekend”
This is another creation coming out of BBH from the same writers that came up with the award winning “Three Little Pigs” advert (Wesley Hawes and Gary McCreadie). Some one give those guys a pay rise or failing that just a pat on the back, they tend to be cheaper.