Marketing is becoming ever more prevalent with brands now attempting to influence us in all walks of life with the newest, most penetrating and ideally “original” methods possible. Sometimes this barrage can escalate itself into a bit of sensory overload, we need a little brain digestion session. This blog serves as just that, a chance to separate the wheat from the chaff and highlight was has really been grabbing my attention.

“What about you?” I hear you ask… well there’s the the usual stats and  hobbies; 2 legs, 8 fingers, rugby, music, spending more money than I have and, of course, world peace. I play the drums and most of the time the sticks are in my hands I’m aspiring to be this guy – Fabrizo Moretti – the drummer for the New York indie band The Strokes! With a Brazilian Mum, Italian Dad and a repertoire of instruments mastered longer than my arm, this guy is one cool cat.

…However with an undefined number of years of practice ahead of me and the distinct lack of any leather jackets in my wardrobe, more often than not you’ll find me making myself looking rather “simple” and being an all round sucker for subliminal messaging. But hey, that’s cool too yeah?!



Toshiba and Intel – The Beauty Inside

The issue – How to market a product you can’t see? How can you get the customer to see the “beauty inside”? Well if you’re Toshiba + Intel you hire award winning film director Drake Doremus to create Hollywood’s first “social film”. Starring Topher Grace, Mary Winstead and, more importantly ‘YOU’ the film is broken up into 6 episodes along with interactive storytelling that all takes place on the main character’s Facebook timeline.

They say you only get once chance at a first impression, well not for the main character Alex. He wakes up every morning with a new appearance – male, female, tall, short, old, young…but for one constant – always the same person on the inside. This has been happening ever since he can remember. He records his transformation on his Toshiba Laptop and shares videos and photos on his Facebook timeline for us, the audience, to participate in. The genius idea of this is that Alex is played by members of the audience throughout the experience. Alex’s weird transformation becomes more of an issue as he inevitably falls for a girl who never know’s it’s him as everyday he has this completely different appearance.

Watch the first episode and I promise you’ll soon become engrossed by this completely novel concept that demonstrates the point perfectly that it’s what’s on the inside that counts (Intel if you hadn’t got the link).

Great concept. Great use of social. Great audience participation. There’s only one word for it really….

LYNX Apollo

Now a prize that will make you feel a little hard done by when you get the free toy at the bottom of your cereal. Lynx are offering to take you to space. A proposition that will undoubtedly turn heads, combined with these amusing adverts enforcing the very “male” LYNX brand message this is amazing and surely has to be one of the most jaw dropping opportunities for Joe Bloggs to win in the name of marketing a product.

Red Bull – Hunting down Coca Cola?

The soft drink’s industry is fierce. Coca Cola have a strangle hold. Massive global distribution, “Coke” pump’s in virtually any bar worldwide to dish out their soft drinks, and a near eternity of time since 1892 to build and promote this hugely powerful brand. So how to combat…

STEP 1 – What is the essence of the brand? Red bull focused on energy. Energy to get you through your laborious office job, get you ready for your Sunday league kick around, energy to jump from the edge of space, energy to win a Formula 1 world title, energy to “Giving you wings”. You get my drift.

STEP 2 – Sponsor everything that is seen as extreme and energetic. Skiing, surfing, skate boarding, rally driving…the list is endless

STEP 3 – Get the visually blessed to distribute your product from outrageously branded Mini Coopers with excessively sized Red Bull cans stuck precariously on the roof.

STEP 4 – Unlike coke who have partnered up with Smirnoff Vodka, Red Bull is now very well known for “that” drink which see’s the stiff upper lip start to wobble, Jägerbombs. However, and here’s the beauty, they have never publicly promoted this therefore maintaining a more responsible image away from the pitfalls of associating with alcohol brands and inevitably the dreaded binge drinking.  This is not to say that they have ever done anything to discourage the association.

RESULT – A premium energy brand that is now estimated to be worth £5bn and is so well marketed that it can comfortably price it’s product higher than any other drink on the market safe in the knowledge that people will buy it.

Genius. Hats off guys.

Lurpak – Good Food Deserves

Lurpak have earned a strong pat on the back, they’ve done the near impossible, pushing butter with an entertaining and comical campaign.

They haven’t gone for your usual bang on about the monosaturates, monosodium glutamates, “our butter is as healthy as margarine”, “our margarine tastes nearly as good as butter” BLAH BLAH BLAH. That is ultimately boring and more often than not see’s the eyes of the consumer glazing over with complete disinterest.

“Good food deserves” by Wieden and Kennedy is the complete opposite with their vibrant adverts all devoid of mundane health lectures and instead promoting qualities such as “Triumph”, “Pride” and “Salvation”. Not what I usually associate with that thing I spread on my toast but hey, it worked.

Kindly, if its valentines day, they also offer us a bit of advice in the family planning department… Cheers guys!