Red Bull – Hunting down Coca Cola?

The soft drink’s industry is fierce. Coca Cola have a strangle hold. Massive global distribution, “Coke” pump’s in virtually any bar worldwide to dish out their soft drinks, and a near eternity of time since 1892 to build and promote this hugely powerful brand. So how to combat…

STEP 1 – What is the essence of the brand? Red bull focused on energy. Energy to get you through your laborious office job, get you ready for your Sunday league kick around, energy to jump from the edge of space, energy to win a Formula 1 world title, energy to “Giving you wings”. You get my drift.

STEP 2 – Sponsor everything that is seen as extreme and energetic. Skiing, surfing, skate boarding, rally driving…the list is endless

STEP 3 – Get the visually blessed to distribute your product from outrageously branded Mini Coopers with excessively sized Red Bull cans stuck precariously on the roof.

STEP 4 – Unlike coke who have partnered up with Smirnoff Vodka, Red Bull is now very well known for “that” drink which see’s the stiff upper lip start to wobble, Jägerbombs. However, and here’s the beauty, they have never publicly promoted this therefore maintaining a more responsible image away from the pitfalls of associating with alcohol brands and inevitably the dreaded binge drinking.  This is not to say that they have ever done anything to discourage the association.

RESULT – A premium energy brand that is now estimated to be worth £5bn and is so well marketed that it can comfortably price it’s product higher than any other drink on the market safe in the knowledge that people will buy it.

Genius. Hats off guys.