Lurpak – Good Food Deserves

Lurpak have earned a strong pat on the back, they’ve done the near impossible, pushing butter with an entertaining and comical campaign.

They haven’t gone for your usual bang on about the monosaturates, monosodium glutamates, “our butter is as healthy as margarine”, “our margarine tastes nearly as good as butter” BLAH BLAH BLAH. That is ultimately boring and more often than not see’s the eyes of the consumer glazing over with complete disinterest.

“Good food deserves” by Wieden and Kennedy is the complete opposite with their vibrant adverts all devoid of mundane health lectures and instead promoting qualities such as “Triumph”, “Pride” and “Salvation”. Not what I usually associate with that thing I spread on my toast but hey, it worked.

Kindly, if its valentines day, they also offer us a bit of advice in the family planning department… Cheers guys!